My Sister's KeeperFrom Book to Film

Sara and Kate

The Movie My Sister's Keeper directed by Nick Cassavetes was a great adaptation to the book written by Jodi Picoult. In the book and the movie, Anna is the main character. Anna was born to save her sister Kate who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of two. Anna is convinced by her sister not to give up her kidney to her sister who's is failing. She decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body. The endings of the book and movie could not be more different. In the end of the book Anna wins the lawsuit but then dies in a car crash on the way to visit her sister. In the end of the movie, Kate dies of her disease. Though both the book and the movie were great, I found that the end of the movie was much more satisfying than that of the movie. The movie followed the main plot of the book until the end. The movie was much more entertaining through the use of audio and scenery. The movie My Sister's Keeper was able to use sound and visual effects making it better than the original book.
Sara Played By Cameron Diaz
Kate Played By Sofia Vassilieva

By adapting the book My Sister's Keeper to the big screen the way they did, the director and editor was able to create an enjoyable adaptation. One of the main things added in that made this movie fun to watch was audio and music. By adding in character's voices into the movie, the director made it easy to hear whether a character was mad, sad or happy about a certain event. With music, the director was able to grasp the audience by playing music with a tone equivalent to what was happening. In the book, when Kate and Anna were having fun together, it was less dramatic and emotional than with music added in in the movie. Another addition that was added to the book was cinematography. When people are able to view character's actions, it is easier to grow more attached to them and see more than a story would show. For instance, an audience might notice two character's walking alike and think of them as very emotional attached to each other than if they read in a story two character's walked side by side. When audience members were also able to see the character's rather than imagine them in their mind, they grow more connected to them. When Anna died in the book, it was much less sad tan when Kate died in the movie because you were able to connect Kate to a face and admire her more. By adding in audio and visual effects, the movie became a successful adaptation to the book.
Jesse Played By Evan Ellingson

New viewers and readers sold see the movie My Sister's Keeper rather than the book. This is because the book is able to connect to people in many ways. The movie is able to keep people's interests for much longer by cutting out unnecessary scenes and character's so it was not to long. The movie also kept the best lines from the book and added them to the movie. This was good because many of the best scenes and lines in the book were not just thrown away but added for people to see. By adding Kate's point of view into the story, the director was able to connect with people on a more emotional level because you are able to hear what a girl who is dying is thinking. The movie was also able to let people hear the character's voices in the movie and hear their tone of voice rather than imagine what way they are saying something. With camerawork, the director was also able to connect with the character's rather than just imagine what they look like and how they carry themselves. People should see the movie My Sister's Keeper rather than see the movie.
Anna Played by Abigail Breslin
The director and editor of the film My Sister's Keeper, originally written as book by Jodi picoult, made an amazing movie. The movie was able to add scenes and character's into the movie to make it more interesting and also got rid of many unnecessary character's and scenes to make it short and simple. The movie kept many of the best things about the book and got rid of what was not needed. By adding and subtracting scenes and character's, the movie was able to become a successful adaptation of the book. With the additions of camerawork and audio, the movie was able to become much better than what the book was.

Brian Played By Jason Patric

Film Directed by Nick Cassavetes

Book Written by Jodi Picoult

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