In the book Marley and Me, John Grogan tells a story about a crazy little puppy who changed the lives of his lucky family. They decided to go get him after a friend suggested they get a puppy and they wanted to test out raising something before having kids. Marley was the clearance puppy, but he turned out to be so much more than that to them. he caused them a lot of money and embarrassment in house repairs, eating everything, getting kicked out of obedience lessons, and closing down a beach. With all the embarrassment he caused, he made it up with compassion and loyalty.

The movie and book may be similar, but they are not the same. In the movie a lot of important parts were cut out that showed Marley's true character. one of them was when their neighbore got stabbed and marley stayed with her the whole time. Also it does not include how Marley helped Jenny when she was in a bad mental state, as it talks about in the book. A scene from the movie that did show Marley's bond with the family was when Jenny and him were dancing. Another similarity is that the book is told through the eyes of the writer, John Grogan, which is true in some parts of the movie. The end of the movie made me want to cry more than the end of the book because it got to his death faster than the book did. The last noticeable difference between the book and the movie was the appearance of one of the characters. John's friend Sebastian shows up in the movie a lot more than in the book, and plays too big of a role in the movie when compared to the book. Other than that movie stays true to the book.

I would suggest reading the book over seeing the movie. By reading the book you get a better understanding of the bond between Marley and his family, also his character is shown more clearly. Both are very funny, but the book is also good at telling the emotions that can come from a dog and his family. The movie also cuts out important parts to better understand why the author wrote a book about it. Overall both are worthwhile to read or watch, but the book is better than the movie.