I Am Number Four
By Bradford Howard

The Book
In the book, I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, follows a 15 teen year old boy, who is actually an alien from a planet called Lorien is moving from his house in Florida to Paradise, Ohio because he is in danger of being killed by this enimie Alien race. The book is started off as Number Four explaining how his planet had been taken over by this race called the Magadorians and him, 6 other children of his kind and there protecters being fleed the planet. He explains that they were given the Numbers 1-9 in the order of numbers they escape in and they were given these necklaces so that they can other be killed in the order they escaped. Number Four is acompinied by his protector Henri and when they arrive at the house they end up living in Number Four decides that his name would be John Smith which is refered as for the rest of the book. John goes to school where he meets on the first day, his future love intrest Sarah Hart, his Best Friend, Sam Goode, Mark James, Sarah's ex boyfriend, who bullies John on the first time he meets him because he was taking to Sarah and his dog, Bernie Kosar. During class, John's hands start to light up and hurt which he runs to a janitor closet and waits for Henri to pick him up and drive him home. John realizes that he had gotten his first power.

Differences Between Characters

In I Am Number Four there were mass amounts of characters. These characters were basically made the entire book what was so good. But in the movie they changed many of the characters to appeal to movie audiance and in doing this made the plot of the story even better or worse in some cases.
alex-pettyfer-number-four.jpgNumber Four/ John Smith
In the book, John is more an obedient kid and does mostly everything that his guardian, Henri said. In the movie, John was more skeptical of everything Henri said. For example in the book, John was the one who chose his name, but in the movie when john gets his name he looks kinda mad and he said "Your joking". John was the one who decided that he wanted to go to school in the movie and Henri hugely rejected it. In the book Henri was the one who suggested him to go to school. In the movie they gave John more powers than he actually had. For example in the movie he still could light up his hands, but in the book it was mainly for resisting fire, but the movie the lights were used to shoot lasers from his hands.

IAmNumberFour-NumberSix.jpgNumber Six
Number Six had more of a role in the book than she had in the movie. In the book she had more powers, but since her powers were better than Number Four they cut them from the movie so she wouldn't upstage the him. In the book she had telekinesis the same power that John mainly had in the film. She had the power of invisibility and to control and mix the elements. In the movie her powers were teleportation and fire resistance, which in the book, Number Four was the one who had it. Number Six also in the movie gave more of a clear view of this whole battle from the eyes of someone who is in his same position.

i-am-number-four-callan-mcauliffe-photo.jpgSam Goode
Sam role in the movie is actully more important in the movie then it is in the book. Sam in the movie was more of a comic relief. When ever he was in a scene in the movie he always had something funny to him or something funny was happening to him. For example in there was part where Sam drove John to this place where the Magadorians where setting a trap and he took a shotgun and said "Let shoot up some alien..." In the book he was more of a nervous person who didn't even talk that much unless it was something really important. In the movie I think that they gave away something from the sequel of the book that has to do with Sam importance to the Lorien children.

tumblr_lhantpjsUT1qcks64.gifSarah Hart
In the movie and book she is excalty the same, except for slight differences. In the book she actully actully had some friends, but in the movie it is said since she dumped Mark James, he told everyone that she was a snob and all of her friends decided to ditch her. The reasoning of the change she went through the summer was different to. In the movie it is said that went to her parents somewhere and she had gotten into phototagraphy. In the book her change was her parents sent her away for a summer because the way she was acting and she was never into photography.

jake-abel-number-four.jpgMark James
In the book Mark James basically started messing with John out of nowhere. In the movie, Mark actually started off being nice to him and trying to get him to join the football team. His reasoning for him bullying John were different too. In the movie, his reasoning was John was the only person who would stand up against him. In the book it was because John was hanging out with Sarah, his ex girlfriend. In the book Mark seemed like he was more full of himself than what he did in the movie.

My Review
In comparison I believe that the movie and the book were both good, but each of them could have taken something from the other. The book gave a better background of what life life was like for John when he was on the planet Lorien and what it was like the day all the 9 children left the planet. It gave a better explanation of what would have happened if the Magadorians hunted them out, which the movie didn't really explain. The book in retrespect had much better scenes which were taked out either because they made wouldn't appeal to most viewers or the face that it would have made the movie to long. Some scenes were added that I think were better. I believe the way John acted so sacasticly toward Henri which gave more of a real father son relationship to them, where the book they got a along and agreed with eachother everytime.