FIGHT CLUBby: Al Tolouei

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The book "Fight Club" and the movie "Fight Club" are extremely similar, almost to a point that they are identical. There are only two differences in the movie from the book, a small difference and a big difference. The big difference is that the book is in second person while the movie is in first person. The small difference is that not all of the dialogues in the book are in the movie. Overall, however, this is the best movie to film adaptation ever.

!!!Warning!!!! !!!SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched the movie or read the book yet!!! !!!GREAT ENDING!!!

Tyler Durden. Your best friend; but now he has a gun in your mouth and explosives on every support column of the buildings you're about to watch get destroyed. When there's a gun in your mouth and these buildings will blow up in seconds, you can't do much but remember what you've been through that lead to this.

Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.

You haven't slept in 6 months, everything is distant like a "copy of a copy of a copy. Your doctor won't give you sleeping medicines, he tells you to go to a testicular cancer support group. This is how you meet Bob. Pressed against his big chests, you let go and cry. That night, you sleep than any baby ever has. You become an addict, you have to go to every support group that there is just so you can get some sleep that night. That's where Marla Singer comes in. She's there, at every single damn support group you go to. With Marla around, you can't cry, and if you can't cry, then you can't sleep.

You wake up at various locations, airports or in airplanes most specifically; around the country. You got there when you were asleep. Tyler. This is how you meet him. He makes soap; well, bombs. You have a conversation with him, and you come to like him. You get off the plane, you go home. Everything that you had gathered, down to the smallest detail, the hard work you had put in in making your condo the way you liked it is blown to bits. You have no choice but to after thinking about calling Marla, calling Tyler.

You go to a bar with him, you drink a lot and exit out the back door. "Hit me," Tyler says "as hard as you can." You hit him, and you guys fight. You really like it. You go to Tyler's house, an abandoned house that leaks from everywhere, doesn't have good water, or electricity. Now, you go to fight again at the same place again, and again, and again. It starts to attract people, and you call it Fight Club with its own set of rules. There is nothing in this for anyone, money, fame, respect, popularity; nothing but the self satisfaction of it.

Tyler is sleeping with Marla, day and night if he is not fighting, whenever you are home.

Tyler is very powerful and liked, and before you know it, he is raising an army. Your house is filled with followers within just a couple of weeks, and you can sense Tyler is onto something big, something bigger than you could imagine. Your army of people is going around vandalizing and destroying things that have made human life modernized, easy. It's spreading like swine flu, and you have the slightest clue what the end of all this is. Tyler has done it, he can do anything he wants now, the single person who everyone knows, that normal people are not supposed to find out about.

Mayhem. Tyler's project. Goal. Destiny. And there is only one rule to it "no questions allowed."

And just like that, Tyler's gone.

You go around the country looking for him from his plane tickets you found, but everywhere you arrive, you are just one step behind. He is close, you can sense him, and everywhere you go, it is as if it is the shadow of your past, as if you have been there before, as if you know where to look for. You walk into a shop, you ask the shopkeeper if he knows Tyler Durden. He answers with a yes and a gimmicking smile. You ask where he is.

!!!Warning!!!! !!!SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched the movie or read the book yet!!! !!!GREAT ENDING!!!

"Sir, YOU are Tyler Durden.

You call Marla and ask her if you have ever slept with her, answer: "yes."

Tyler shows up again, telling you that you are Tyler Durden. Everything that has happened has been you, and Project Mayhem is your idea and you know everything about it, and you have to stop it. You go back to the headquarters and pick up every piece of information you can about Mayhem. The plan is to destroy all credit card companies so that everyone will be "zero" again, so that the world comes to a confusion and stops being so materialistis.

Destroy to rebuild.

This is where you were, helpless against Tyler Durden, yourself, with a gun in your own mouth. You weren't able to stop Project Mayhem, because well; you were the one behind it. Al record will be gone in just a minute and here you are, ready to shoot yourself so you can end this, so you can end Tyler.


The bullet scratches along your skull and bounces off out of your cheek. Your face is bloody all over, your whole shirt is wet and red from the warm, new blood. Painful, but Tyler's dead, the old Tyler that wanted every piece of furniture in his condo to be perfect. The one that just passed through life thinking materials define people, the Tyler that realized the things you own start to own you.

And there come your men, exited, carrying Marla to you.

And there, hand in hand, you watch the soap go off, the world to realize, and your life to renew.


Since the book and the movie are identical, I have to go into detail on differences in the movie from the book. In the end of the book when Tyler shoots himself in the cheek, he already has another whole on his other cheek, forming kind of a joker type of grin on his face. Other than that, nothing else is there, or if it is, it is so subtle it is unnoticeable.

The movie was extremely faithful to the book, and did not betray any part of the book. It really gave a good image of what the characters might have been like, for example how Tyler wanted to be like Brad Pitt who is an Alpha Male. and the selection of Marla was excellent since she really was able to pull off the dark person role.

The feeling I got from watching the film was the same that i got from reading the book. The dark mood throughout was really the same. This film is a jaw dropping film that has a very high rating on, ranking 14th all time top rated with 8.8/10.

The film, the story, the book, the message, and everything else incorporated with Fight Club is an absolute work of art. Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher really did a good job of delivering the best adaptation that i have ever seen.

Book and story written by: Chuck Palahniuk
Movie directed by: David Fincher