blind_side2.jpg This award winning book is an amazing and life touching story. "Big Mike" Michael was a child to a father he never got to know and a mother who was addicted to drugs. Michael had little to no education but he wanted to get a better education for him self so he wont be like his parents when he grows up. Leigh Anne finds Michael on the side of the road and because she has such a big and warm heart she decides to take him to her home to give a place to rest his head for the night. When he tells her that he's interested in football she informs the local football coach and gets him on the team. But putting Michael on the team wasn't the easiest thing to do. He had to tutored and get better grades and education. The family not only gives Michael a home to live in filled with loving people but the tutor they hired helped improved his grades to the point where he qualified for a scholarship for NCAA Division I football.

When you have such a realistic story such as this one you can't help but to continue on reading and watching. The Author and Director did and awesome job making sure that both could be as realistic as the real story. Cutting some scenes added some confusion in some spots of the movie but it still had the sense of realness. The book talks more about football rather than the movie which focuses on something bigger than the game itself. In the preview for the movie, you can tell that the movie is very inspirational all about football and overcoming all of the obstacles in life. The movie more than the book use Michael as a device to prove to anyone that with a little help from anyone you can succeed through anything in your life.

coach_bullock.jpg An incredibly good and inspirational story, the movie's portrayal of Michaels rescue from being homeless, to being brought to a Christian private school and integration into a white family . It unfolds virtually. When he crossed paths with the Tuohy family which played his support system and inpiration they took him in and eventually adopted him. The book features two similar story lines. One being the Oher story which is all about his upbringing and then how a very rich white family took him in to help him stay on the right path which would eventually lead to stardom. The second, for a sports fan the more interesting story is the how the Left Tackle position has evolved over the years. His ability to blitz from the "blind side" resulting in the need for an effective blocker. Lewis discusses how this evolution has lead to the Left Tackle being one of the best positions in not only football but other sports too.


This film is recommended for everyone. The casting for one thing was amazing. The cast in this movie and book made this life changing story even more real then it already is. Sandra Bullock who played Leigh Anne and was an amazing actress for the part she played. Her true emotion a motivation during the movie molded the movies shape and creativity. The way the movie shows where the family and Michael live are different from how I pictured it. I didn't imagine how bad Michael's life was before he met the Touhy family. The environment he was in was not good for him at all and he had no family to take care of him at all so he had to learn about everything in the world by him self. The way the director filed the movie can give everyone a better understanding of the story. During the car crash scene, the way it was shot made it much more dramatic and lets into the minds of Michael and S. during this time. The after math of the car crash was sad for the family and when they were filming that scene you could feel the natural emotion and sadness the family was feeling.

The Blind Side: Movie Trailer.