Stephen King : 1408

By: Jeremiah Englishexternal image default.jpg
Intro to Book
1408_01.jpg The main character was named Mike he was a book writer. He loved to write about scary things and places so he was always on the search for a haunted adventure. He was married and had a daughter but it didn’t last forever. One day in the mail he got a letter about a haunter room in the Hotel Dolphin. Mike not knowing what he was getting himself into by going to this hotel as a nonbeliever in the afterlife, ghost and ghouls. Upon arrival to the hotel he was questioned by the hotel owner Olin who also tried to talk him out of staying in room 1408. While in the room Mike has suspected something was starting to happen but he found out the hard way to listen to what he is told. There is an old saying it is “Warning comes before destruction”.

Questions and Narration

1408-2.jpgThe Novella 1408 by Stephen King was told by a narrator, which is in third person. The film 1408 was told by the characters. The way the story is told had shifted a lot because it went from having a narrator to not having one at all. The story had shifted a lot due to the fact the narrator told the story, and it had a lot of the characters actions and less dialog between the characters. The change made a big difference from the book to film because without the narrator explaining the seen the characters have to act it out and do dialog. The book had a narrator in it and the movie was in first person soothe director didn’t portray the book well in that scenario. The director did a good job at keeping the setting theme and dialog from Mr. King’s book.

Cutting, Adding and Resequencing

1408.jpgIn the movie there was neither scenes nor characters cut from the book, it was good because there was nothing missing in the film. I didn’t feel any mistakes in the transition from book to film. Instead of cutting part there was parts added to the film. Because the book was is a Novella there was a lot of details missing and not a lot of characters. The film did an excellent job of adding certain elements to perfect the story of 1408.


1408-1.jpgThe film did a wonderful job with the physical setting and time period that was in the book. When I was reading, the picture I had in my head just from the book had matched what I had seen in the film. There was no cutting in scenes from the book. From every page in the book that I had read matched the film. There was missing parts in the book that the movie had filled in like transition scenes and extra characters to help out like the desk manager at the hotel and others.

Music / Sound Effects

Sound plays a big role in the movie. The sound and music is a positive addition to the film. When Mike was in the haunted hotel room and he was having illusions of things the sound effects went well with the scene. Also when there was a moment of suspence the music would get slow or speed up. Depending on thew mood that was shown on film the music would turn to another frequincy or chang up songs. Altogether the film was great and enjoyable to watch. I would recommend the film over the book.